& Vision


To create excellence in education and carve out professionally competent young generation who can improve the quality of life of the radically changing society. We aim at imparting holistic education with an integrated universal view “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu”.


Education being one of the crucial factors that contribute to nation building, VICAS stands devoted to educating youth from different strata of society, with the mission of moulding them into citizens and citizen – leaders in society. With a focus on the ever – changing milieu of education and the needs of the present generation of learners, VICAS has striven to equip them with necessary skills in meeting the various challenges they would encounter in life. Vigyaan College of Applied Sciences (VICAS) has been initiated with the commitment of enriching students’ lives by empowering them and imparting holistic education, which enables them to participate actively in community life.