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The goals of Physical Education are:
I. To develop and maintain physically fit youth.
II. To teach the relationship between physical activity, physical fitness, and health.
III. To promote the skills, knowledge, and attitude to help the students lead active and healthy lives as adults.
Students are assessed informally as well as formally by the Teachers concerned throughout the College year. Apart from this, the Physical Education Teacher observes the students performing each task assigned to them. Students receive feedback on how they can improve their performance and how they can mould their character and conduct aiming at their total personality development.
The College has a fully qualified Assistant Professor for Physical Education. There is a wide playground covering football and cricket fields, volleyball, shuttle, and kabadi courts and all other major athletic items.

Sl No Name Position Qualification
1 Tijin B. Shaji Assistant Professor M.P.Ed

Started for 2021- 2022